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Commits on May 9, 2012
  1. @n1hility

    Prepare 7.1.2.Final

    n1hility authored
  2. @ctomc

    Fix for windows test failure

    ctomc authored
  3. @bstansberry @n1hility
  4. @bstansberry @n1hility
  5. @jaikiran @n1hility

    AS7-4755 Don't try to connect to remote nodes if the local EJB receiv…

    jaikiran authored n1hility committed
    …er is backed by the default EJB client context, which doesn't have relevant connection configurations
  6. @bstansberry @n1hility

    AS7-4733 Do fix correctly, plus explain (a bit) when the missing depe…

    bstansberry authored n1hility committed
    …ndency is an unknown transitive one
  7. @jmesnil @n1hility

    [AS7-4705] missing registered management operations

    jmesnil authored n1hility committed
    * add a runtime_only flag when registering Topic and Queue
      management operations so that they are also available in domain mode
      (under the /host=XXX/server=YYY/subsystem=messaging/ subtree)
  8. @darranl

    [AS7-4754] Even in silent mode the console is required so that error …

    darranl authored
    …messages can be displayed.
    Otherwise we just silently end with no indication of the failure.
  9. @kabir
  10. @stuartwdouglas @kabir
  11. @stuartwdouglas @kabir

    Remove unused class

    stuartwdouglas authored kabir committed
  12. @jaikiran @kabir

    JBPAPP-8921 Remove @Ignore from the test

    jaikiran authored kabir committed
  13. @ochaloup @kabir

    Adding test of SessionContext.wasCancelCalled() on not asynchronous b…

    ochaloup authored kabir committed
    …usiness method
  14. @jaikiran @kabir

    JBPAPP-8921 Fix SessionContext.wasCancelCalled() when no asyn invocat…

    jaikiran authored kabir committed
    …ion is in progress
  15. @heiko-braun @kabir
  16. Make NamedBootstrapContext::setName public

    Jesper Pedersen authored
  17. @n1hility @stuartwdouglas


    n1hility authored stuartwdouglas committed
  18. @pferraro @stuartwdouglas
  19. @pferraro @stuartwdouglas

    Disable storeAsBinary. We no longer need this for classloader isolati…

    pferraro authored stuartwdouglas committed
    …on. It greatly hinders performance of ATTRIBUTE granularity web session replication.
  20. @bstansberry
Commits on May 8, 2012
  1. @bstansberry @n1hility

    AS7-4603 Don't cache ContainerStateChangeReport used for service remo…

    bstansberry authored n1hility committed
    …val validation; always log latest when tick() hits zero
  2. @bstansberry @n1hility

    AS7-4733 Report missing services even if unavailable dependencies are…

    bstansberry authored n1hility committed
    …n't provided
  3. @bstansberry @n1hility
  4. @kwart @n1hility

    JBQA-5146 JBoss XACML basic PEP tests (web module)

    kwart authored n1hility committed
  5. @kwart @n1hility

    JBQA-5146 AbstractLoginModuleStackServerSetupTask changed to Abstract…

    kwart authored n1hility committed
    …SecurityDomainStackServerSetuptask to cover authorization modules configuration
  6. @ctomc @n1hility

    Fix messages to complain about jboss-deployment-structure.xml

    ctomc authored n1hility committed
    and not jboss-structure.xml
  7. @n1hility

    AS7-582 Create aggregated JBoss AS Javadoc. This time with package gr…

    Ondrej Zizka authored n1hility committed
    …oups per module.
  8. @stuartwdouglas @n1hility
  9. @anilsaldhana @n1hility

    AS7-4644: upgrade to Picketlink v2.1.1.Final

    anilsaldhana authored n1hility committed
  10. @bstansberry
  11. @jaikiran @stuartwdouglas

    Add documentation for jboss.server.config.dir system provided path, i…

    jaikiran authored stuartwdouglas committed
    …n the relative-to xsd attribute definition
  12. @jaikiran @stuartwdouglas

    JBPAPP-8779 Fix NPE for non-existent EJBs

    jaikiran authored stuartwdouglas committed
  13. @stuartwdouglas
  14. @stuartwdouglas
  15. @stuartwdouglas
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