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DEPRECATED: Openshift cartridge for automated setup of bpmPaaS with pre-installed Generic Loan Demo using JBoss BPM Suite.
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This project was based on OpenShift v2, a new version is available for OpenShift Container Platform.

Cartridge for bpmPaaS with Generic Loan Demo

This cartridge provides the Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite for easy deployment to OpenShift based bpmPaaS with pre-loaded Generic Loan Demo.

Install with one click in xPaaS (bpmPaaS)

After clicking button, ensure Gear size is set to medium:

![Click to install OpenShift]( bpmPaaS.svg)

Once installed you can use the JBoss BPM Suite logins:

  • u:erics p: bpmsuite (admin)

  • u: alan p: bpmsuite (analyst)

  • u: daniel p: bpmsuite (developer)

  • u: ursla p: bpmsuite (user)

  • u: mary p: bpmsuite (manager)

Important Note

You need the ability to setup MEDIUM gears, which is freely available if you [upgrade your account to Bronze here] (

Manual setup on OpenShift

Or if you want to use the rhc command line type:

rhc app create -g medium <APP NAME>

For more information on the [Generic Loan Demo see here] (

Supporting Articles

Rocket into the Clouds with OpenShift bpmPaaS Quickstarts

[Red Hat OpenShift bpmPaaS - Generic Loan Demo now available in the Cloud] (

Released versions

See the tagged releases for the following versions of the product:

  • v1.2 - moved to JBoss Demo Central, added one click install button.

  • v1.1 - bpmPaaS on OpenShift cartridge, JBoss BPM Suite 6.0.2 and Generic Loan demo installed.

  • v1.0 - bpmPaaS on OpenShift cartridge, JBoss BPM Suite 6.0.1 and Generic Loan demo installed.

Loan Process

Process & Task Dashboard

Digital Sign bpmPaaS

Digital Sign Annoucement

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