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Spring-Boot Camel QuickStart

This example demonstrates how you can use Apache Camel with Spring Boot.

The quickstart uses Spring Boot to configure a little application that includes a Camel route that triggers a message every 5th second, and routes the message to a log.


The example can be built with

mvn clean install

Running the example in OpenShift

It is assumed that:

The example can be built and run on OpenShift using a single goal:

mvn fabric8:deploy

When the example runs in OpenShift, you can use the OpenShift client tool to inspect the status

To list all the running pods:

oc get pods

Then find the name of the pod that runs this quickstart, and output the logs from the running pods with:

oc logs <name of pod>

You can also use the openshift web console to manage the running pods, and view logs and much more.

Running via an S2I Application Template

Application templates allow you deploy applications to OpenShift by filling out a form in the OpenShift console that allows you to adjust deployment parameters. This template uses an S2I source build so that it handle building and deploying the application for you.

First, import the Fuse image streams:

oc create -f

Then create the quickstart template:

oc create -f

Now when you use "Add to Project" button in the OpenShift console, you should see a template for this quickstart.

Integration Testing

The example includes a fabric8 arquillian OpenShift Integration Test. Once the container image has been built and deployed in OpenShift, the integration test can be run with:

mvn test -Dtest=*KT

The test is disabled by default and has to be enabled using -Dtest. Open Source Community documentation at Integration Testing and Fabric8 Arquillian Extension provide more information on writing full fledged black box integration tests for OpenShift.

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