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The codebase for the narayana project
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Getting help

If you need help with using Narayana, please visit our forums at:

If you think you have found an error in our code, please raise an issue over on:

If you would like to contribute a pull request to help the project out, please sign our CLA over here: (the project is JBoss Transactions)

If you have a performance optimization that you would like to suggest to us, please read our document over here:


To build Narayana you should have installed: Java 1.7.0 or greater

When building on Mac OS make sure that JAVA_HOME is set to use JDK 1.7:

export JAVA_HOME=`/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.7` 

Building Naryana

To build Narayana you should call:

./build.[sh|bat] <maven_goals, default is install>

To use this wrapper to build an individual module (say arjuna) you would type:

./build.[sh|bat] clean install -pl :arjuna

If you are building the "community" profile and are using a different maven installation to the one provided in tools/maven you need to make sure you have the following options:


The distribution is then available in: ./narayana-full/target/

Alternatively, the uber jar for JacORB is available here: ./ArjunaJTS/narayana-jts-jacorb/target/narayana-jts-jacorb-.jar

The uber jar for the JDK ORB is available here: ./ArjunaJTS/narayana-jts-idlj/target/narayana-jts-idlj-.jar

The user jar for local JTA is here: ./ArjunaJTA/narayana-jta/target/narayana-jta-.jar

If you just need the facilities provided by ArjunaCore: ./ArjunaCore/arjunacore/target/arjunacore-.jar

Code Coverage Testing

./build.[sh|bat] -PcodeCoverage (the output is in ${}/coverage.html)

Build QA

cd qa/
ant -Ddriver.url=file:///home/hudson/dbdrivers get.drivers dist
ant -f run-tests.xml ci-tests

Now The Gory Details.

Each module contains a set of maven build scripts, which chiefly just inherits and selectively overrides the parent pom.xml Understanding this approach requires some knowledge of maven's inheritance.

Top level maven builds always start from scratch. Individual module builds on the other hand are incremental, such that you may rebuild a single module by traversing into its directory and running 'mvn', but only if you have first built any pre-req modules e.g. via a parent build.

In addition to driving the build of individual modules, the build files in the bundles directories (ArjunaCore, ArjunaJTA, ArjunaJTS) contain steps to assemble the release directory structure, including docs, scripts, config files and other ancillaries. These call each other in some cases, as JTS is largely a superset of JTA and JTA in turn a superset of Core.

3rd party dependency management is done via maven. Note that versions of most 3rd party components are resolved via the JBossAS component-matrix pom.xml, even when building standalone releases. The version of JBossAS to use is determined by the top level pom.xml You may need to set up maven to use the repositories:

Maven is provided in the tools/maven section, though later versions of this may work. Download locations are:

A handful of unit tests build and run as part of the normal build. Most test coverage is in the form of integration tests which reside in the qa/ directory. These are built but not run automatically. See qa/README.txt for usage.

Building specific components

Narayana supports building specific components using Maven build options.

ArjunaCore - ./build.[sh|bat] -am -pl :arjunacore NarayanaJTA - ./build.[sh|bat] -am -pl :narayana-jta NarayanaJTS (jacorb) - ./build.[sh|bat] -am -pl :narayana-jts-jacorb -Didlj-disabled=true NarayanaJTS (idlj) - ./build.[sh|bat] -am -pl :narayana-jts-idlj -Djacorb-disabled=true NarayanaJTS (ibmorb) - ./build.[sh|bat] -am -pl :narayana-jts-ibmorb -Dibmorb-enabled=true (requires IBM jdk) XTS - ./build.[sh|bat] -am -pl :jboss-xts STM - ./build.[sh|bat] -am -pl :stm

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