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Integration with Agroal jdbc pooling library

Author: Ondra Chaloupka
Level: Intermediate
Technologies: JTA, JDBC, Agroal

What is it?

This examle demostrates usage of Agroal (https://agroal.github.io) jdbc pooling library in the standalone application while integrated with Narayana transaction manager.


JDK8 required for the quickstart to run.


Agroal.io is a connection pool implementation. It's performant with a easy to use API. This quickstart shows how to integrate this pooling library with Narayana when you consider to use the power of XA transaction management.

The integration code you want to use in your application is presented at class src/main/java/io/narayana/AgroalDatasource.java

This quickstart works with H2 database and the functionality is tested at the test class src/test/java/io/narayana/AgroalTest.java

The settings of Narayana transaction manager can be checked at jbossts-properties.xml. Please consider the comments which provides guidelines for each property.


You can run tests and check the behaviour in case of commit, rollback and recovery scenarios just by

mvn test

To get information from the TRACE log for example to check how recovery works, you can run with added java util logging properties file.

mvn test -Dtest=AgroalTest#commit \
  -Djava.util.logging.config.file=src/main/resources/logging.properties 2>&1 | tee my.log