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Compensating Transactions Quickstarts

These examples demonstrate the use of our API for developing applications that use Compensating Transactions. This API provides an alternative to ACID transactions which is often a good alternative in situations where ACID is not apropriate, yet some of the transactional guarantees are still required.

See the following series of articles for a fuller description of when to use compensating transactions: http://jbossts.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/compensating-transactions-when-acid-is.html

Non-transactional Resource

This simple example shows how a non-transactional activity (such as sending an email, or printing a document) can be coordinated in a compensating transaction.

Travel Agent

This more complex example shows how a long running compensating transaction can be composed of a series of short-running ACID transactions. The example also involves multiple organisations and forms a distributed transaction over Web Services.