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Commit markable resource

Technologies: JTA, JPA, JMS

What is it CMR?

This examples demostrates how to setup and use Commit Markable Resource (CMR) in the WildFly application server.

The CMR is the Narayana LRCO optimization which is designed to solve the LRCO issue of data inconsistency in case of failure in particular point of time during two phase commit processing.

CMR is availale only for JDBC datasources. It’s not for available for an arbitrary resource.

Complementary blog post with all the details is at

LRCO data inconsisency window

The problem when the LRCO fails to guarantee the data consistency is case if transaction manager processing fails (ie. JVM crash or connection error) just after LRCO commit is processed. At that time the resource is committed but transaction manager hasn’t managed to save information about processing. When transaction manager is restarted again then there is no information. Base on that transaction manager decides to rollback all prepared XA resources. We ended up in situation where LRCO resource was committed but other transaction participants were rolled-back.

What this quickstart presents

The quickstart shows configuration of the WildFly needed for the CMR could be used. It presents a simple application which simulates a book repository. The datastorage for the books is a database configured as the CMR datasource. When a book is stored then a JMS message is sent to the WildFly Artemis ActiveMQ broker. This two actions (saving book to database, sending message to the broker) is expected to be processed in one transaction.

The quickstart contains a simple test where CMR and LRCO is configured and the difference between the two is demonstrated.

Build and Deploy

  • download WildFly application server and unzip it

    • export WILDFLY_HOME=wildfly-*

  • go to the folder wildfly/commit-markable-resource/

  • run mvn package -DskipTests

  • copy the compiled war file to the WildFly deployment directory cp target/cmr-quickstart.war $WILDFLY_HOME/standalone/deployments

    • the war file contains:

      • the jdbc-ds.xml file which defines the CMR resource

      • the test-jms.xml file which defines the JMS queue

      • the configuration of persistence.xml with schema generation sql commans which ensures the CMR xids table to be created at the application deployment time (see META-INF/cmr-create-script.sql).

  • run the WildFly app server in standalone-full profile (quickstart needs the JMS subsystem) ./bin/ -c standalone-full.xml

  • you need manually add commit markable resource identification under transaction subsystem for Narayana knowing it can use it

    • run $WILDFLY_HOME/bin/ -c --commands='/subsystem=transactions/commit-markable-resource="java:jboss/datasources/jdbc-cmr":add(),:reload'

  • go to http://localhost:8080/cmr-quickstart/ in your web browser

  • you can add a new book to the repository

    • when the new book is added the new record in the database is created and the jms message is sent to the broker

Running Arquillian tests

The tests do no need any special configuration as all the setup work described in the text above is done automatically before the tests start. The required step is to set up the JBOSS_HOME variable with the location of the WildFly application server.

  • set up JBOSS_HOME=path/to/wildfly

    • if you already setup WILDFLY_HOME variable you can just set up `export JBOSS_HOME="$WILDFLY_HOME"`

  • run tests with mvn test

    • there are run few tests in the CmrLrcoTestCase demonstrating LRCO and CMR commit, rollback and failure

The tests are not capable to run in the remote container (the WildFly app server is started before the test starts and test then only deploy testing application to the running server). They need to be started in the managed container (the lifecycle of the WildFly app server is managed by the test that means the test starts and stops the container on its own).

CMR setup in WildFly

These are steps needed for commit markable resource being correctly configured in the WildFly application server. Then it could be used in your application.

  1. mark jdbc datasource as connectable: /subsystem=datasources/data-source=ExampleDS:write-attribute(name=connectable, value=true)

  2. create xids database table under the jdbc datasource (H2 example): CREATE TABLE xids (xid bytea, transactionManagerID varchar(64), actionuid bytea); CREATE UNIQUE INDEX index_xid ON xids (xid);

  3. identify the jdbc datasource as CMR in transaction subsystem: /subsystem=transactions/commit-markable-resource="java:jboss/datasources/ExampleDS":add()

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