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when branching must point parent pom at STABLE BRANCH composite and aggregate >> jbosstools-4.1.0.Alpha2x #86

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@nickboldt nickboldt merged commit 0462c69 into jbosstools:jbosstools-4.1.0.Alpha2x
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  1. +3 −3 parent/pom.xml
6 parent/pom.xml
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
<!-- URL of latest JBT nightly staging composite site (all the componentsin once place) -->
<!-- for master/trunk use _composite_/trunk; for _41, use _composite_/4.1.kepler -->
- <jbosstools-nightly-staging-composite></jbosstools-nightly-staging-composite>
+ <jbosstools-nightly-staging-composite></jbosstools-nightly-staging-composite>
<!-- this site is not enabled by default as SOA Tooling is a downstream project (sorta). -->
@@ -64,13 +64,13 @@
<!-- published aggregate update sites go here, for consumption by QE and downstream JBDS builds -->
- <jbosstools-nightly></jbosstools-nightly>
+ <jbosstools-nightly></jbosstools-nightly>
<!-- JBIDE-12974
Trying to old coretests and soatests sites in favour of a site w/ integration tests AND unit tests on it
Note: 4.1.kepler branch does not exist yet for coretests or for integrationtests so only need trunk URL
- <jbosstools-nightly-tests></jbosstools-nightly-tests>
+ <jboss tools-nightly-tests></jbosstools-nightly-tests>
<!-- these sites are not enabled by default as SOA Tooling is a downstream project (sorta). -->
<!-- JBIDE-12974
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