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Developer documentation/Contributor guides for JBoss Tools developers
branch: master

add table of contents / outline / draft

Update README.adoc

Cleanup and re-org of setup dev environment page

add doc building/configuring_git_workflow.adoc and associated images

new image for PDE install

tweaks to Rob's building/setup_development_environment.adoc

update README to link to Rob's new
building/setup_development_environment.adoc; also make sections

add marketplace install images

setup_development_environment.adoc moved into building/ folder

move CONTRIBUTING.adoc into building/CONTRIBUTING.adoc

move central and usage stuff into api folder

Update configuring_git_workflow.adoc

Add git user config and 'ch' alias

move issues -> community

fix links and case of titles to avoid the Wrath of Max (WoM)


Added hub reference to configuring dev-env

Rewriting target platform for consumers, convert to adoc

added title to tp-for-consumers

tweak target_platforms_for_consumers.adoc for content, consistent
spellings and layout

clean up index for 'Setting up the target platform' section

bold the left column and add valign/halign/frame/grid options

Finishing git workflow

Added testing local build file

link to all docs in the building/ folder from the README.adoc; replace
all .md files with .adoc; fix broken links/formatting

fix a couple typos

fix a couple typos

Fix debug options example

add section on keeping git repo clean / purging old topic branches

Testing a build

added an alias for cleanup remote

Added foundation API page

Reworking index to be more max-friendly

Added content for exporting plugin from eclipse

Added runtime workbench file, split up installing local build vs testing
local build

Added a link to max's updating version blog entry

add page re: remote debugging; link to it from multiple places so Rob
won't forget how to do it in future; new image w/ port 8000

update build options page to JBT 4.2/4.3; update build from eclipse page
to JBT 4.2

add pages about Tycho and commandline building; add more commandline
flags into building/build_options.adoc

clean up FAQ; reorder README/TOC; add more links to building via
commandline and in Eclipse; add note about deprecated -XX flags in JDK
8; add page explaining how to add test plugins/features and itest

add FAQ entry about libgtk missing .so (from Rob's recent debug session)

fix typo and add section about how to mirror requirements w/ build.xml
and jbosstools-requirements job

Cleanup of nick's recent patches

Adding a section on exposing and migrating API

Moving source stuff to its own folder

Tagging and Branching

Adding a section for third party libs

Changed a title to be more clear

minor tweaks & add TODO markers

add doc about code freeze process

add doc about update sites, and move two docs in building/ to source/

add doc about ading features to JBT/JBDS, Central, EA, and Marketplace

add release guide stub and remove TOC entry for 'documenting API' since
that's just done in the source

add new list_of_projects page (JBIDE-18846)

merge @mickael_istria's commit from Feb 10 into the new
target_platforms_for_consumers.adoc [695af23]

implement Max's suggestions / review of jbosstools#42

merge in Rob's changes from f763e27

Small typo

Remove deleted file
latest commit 61b72efa83
@robstryker robstryker authored


JBoss Tools Developer Documentation

This repository contains documentation for building and developing JBoss Tools.

It is meant to replace the articles related to development at wiki found at

See Contributing for how to write/add to these docs.

This repo should be considered a wiki, into which all developers can push docs. External contributors can do pull requests or report issues to improve the quality, clarity, and breadth of this documentation.

Table of Contents

Other documents

Many of these docs are old and need to be updated, or to be moved to better categories.

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