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JBoss Tools Developer Documentation

This repository contains documentation for building and developing JBoss Tools.

It is meant to replace the articles related to development at wiki found at

See Contributing for how to write/add to these docs.

This repo should be considered a wiki, into which all developers can push docs. External contributors can do pull requests or report issues to improve the quality, clarity, and breadth of this documentation.

Table of Contents


The folder secrets contains usernames and password for various services used by JBoss Tools. Encrypted and managed with blackbox tool for easy use of GPG based encryption.

To edit/view install blackbox and use blackbox_edit <filename> to see the decrypted content.

If you cannot edit/view the content you need someone with admin access to add you to the repo.

To generate key: gpg --gen-key

Then register the email used as admin:

blackbox_addadmin <email>

From then on you should be able to edit with blackbox_edit.

Other documents

Many of these docs are old and need to be updated, or to be moved to better categories.


Developer documentation/Contributor guides for JBoss Tools developers


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