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License features

License features are a new construct introduced for JBoss Tools 4.3. What happens is that the license text normally copied into all your or feature.xml files, then copied again into license.html files in your features, is now contained upstream in the

To use this in your features, so that license changes are a trivial change instead of requiring the update of all your or feature.xml and license.html files, there are a few simple steps:

How to use license features

  • Add this to your feature.xml files:

  • If not already there, add this to your feature.xml files; add the url="%licenseURL" part if not present; this will allow your feature to link to the local license.html file.

   <license url="%licenseURL">
  • Remove all license.html files - these files will be created at build time from the license feature’s version of the file

  • Edit your files to remove all references to license.html. You’d think this would fail the build, but Tycho will ensure the file is created from upstream license feature, so all is well. If you include the reference to it, the build will fail because is read BEFORE Tycho inserts the license.html file.

Your file will may depending on what’s in your feature. Here’s an example of the change you might make:

bin.includes = feature.xml,\
-     ,\
-               license.html

-src.includes = license.html
+src.includes = *
  • Remove definition of license from

    - license=Red Hat, Inc. licenses these features and plugins to you under ...
  • Add definition of licenseURL to (if not already there)

    + licenseURL=license.html

Note: it may seem redundant to use %licenseURL in feature.xml and define it as licenseURL=license.html, but this avoids having a non-functional link to license.html in Help → Installation Details → Installed Software → Properties → License Agreement (see step 7 below).

Verify your changes

  1. Rebuild your features (eg., with mvn clean install -DskipTests

  2. Verify new features in the site/target/repository/features/ folder

  3. Install the newly created features into Eclipse

  4. During the install, verify that the Review Licenses shows the new, updated license. Verify that the features being installed have a visible license with some title text on the left column, and full, new license in the right column.

    • Review Licenses

  5. Once the workbench is restarted, select Help → Installation Details

  6. On the Installed Software tab, select your feature and click Properties

  7. In the Properties dialog, select License Agreement and verify the correct text is there

    • License Agreement

  8. Close the Properties dialog

  9. Switch to the Features tab and select your feature

    • select your feature

  10. Click the License button, and verify your license appears in an external browser. The path should be something like file:///path/to/eclipse/features/

    • license.html

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