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remove pointless README file >> master #2

merged 2 commits into from Apr 5, 2013

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nickboldt added some commits Apr 5, 2013
@nickboldt nickboldt JBDS-2490 add jbdevstudio/com.jboss.jbds.central.discovery/ plugin an…
…d fix jbosstools/ so it's in synch w/ latest in SVN; update READMEs to reflect refactored paths and add extra poms to make things easier to build
@nickboldt nickboldt remove pointless README file 2088417
@nickboldt nickboldt merged commit 2088417 into jbosstools:master Apr 5, 2013
JBoss Tools member

could we please get an informative instead of one that starts of with things that are not usable by anyone without VPN ?

JBoss Tools member

Yes. Would you like more than one readme? One for "build this locally" and another for "use what's been already built and published to" ?

JBoss Tools member

I don't understand why all these sub-site specific info is needed here.

Just need to know about and then in the subfolders can be details for common used urls for jbosstools or devstudio. No need to mix them all together IMO.

JBoss Tools member

I like to write things down so that when you later come asking me where stuff is, I can point you at the document. :)

Also, you're forgetting about, which can be anything regardless of the value of

JBoss Tools member

This is to be informative - long list of urls in the root doesn't help on that. anyways, I can grok it better now and i'll do a PR to split up so overview and implementation details are not mixed together.

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