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JBIDE-13396 - Update message for JBossWS runtime dialog #31

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@bfitzpat bfitzpat merged commit 8c6e21d into jbosstools:master
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@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ JBossWS_GenerateWizard_GenerateWizardPage_Class_Group=Sample Web Service Class
JBossWSFacetInstallPage_ServerSuppliedJBossWS=Server Supplied JBossWS Runtime
JBossWSFacetInstallPage_Deploy= Package all JBossWS runtime jars into the deployment archive
-JBossWSRuntimeInstallPage_NoTargetRuntime=Please the specify project target runtime.
+JBossWSRuntimeInstallPage_NoTargetRuntime=Please specify the project target runtime.
JBossWSRuntimeInstallPage_NoValidJBossWSRuntime=The specified target runtime should be JBoss AS 5.0 or later.
JBossWSFacetInstallPage_Title=JBossWS Facet {0}
JBossWSFacetInstallPage_Description=Select JBossWS {0} Web Service runtime
@@ -80,12 +80,12 @@ Error_JBossWS_GenerateWizard_ServiceName_Empty=The Service Name may not be an em
Error_JBossWS_GenerateWizard_IsOutputFolder=Name conflict with output folder
Error_JBossWS_GenerateWizard_PackageExists=Package already exists
Error_JBossWS_GenerateWizard_PackageNotShown=Package already exists. Note: Views might filter empty parent packages
-Error_JBossWS_GenerateWizard_PackageExistsDifferentCase=Package already exists with a different case
+Error_JBossWS_GenerateWizard_PackageExistsDifferentCase=Package already exists with a different case
Error_JBossWS_GenerateWizard_NoSrcInProject=The project misses JAVA Source folders
Error_WS_No_Runtime_Specifed=A JBossWS runtime has not been chosen
Error_WS_Chose_runtime=Select a JBoss Web Service runtime. If a server supplied JBoss Web Service runtime is chosen ,\n the chosen server adapter must be capable of providing the JBoss Web Service runtime
-Error_JBossWSRuntimeConfigBlock_Duplicated_Jar=Duplicated jar on classpath:{0}
+Error_JBossWSRuntimeConfigBlock_Duplicated_Jar=Duplicated jar on classpath:{0}
JBossWS_DelimitedStringList_EditValue_Dialog_Title=Edit Value
JBossWS_DelimitedStringList_EditValue_Dialog_Message=Specify the updated value below.
@@ -156,7 +156,7 @@ JAXRSWSTestView2_ShowRequestXML_toolbar_btn=Show Request XML
JAXRSWSTestView2_Text_Msg_May_Be_Out_of_Date=Should we replace the existing request message with one generated by your WSDL service/port/binding/operation selection?
JAXRSWSTestView2_Title_Msg_May_Be_Out_of_Date=Message May Be Incorrect for Selected WSDL
-ResultsXMLStorageInput_WS_Invocation_Results_Prefix=Web Service Invocation Results\:
+ResultsXMLStorageInput_WS_Invocation_Results_Prefix=Web Service Invocation Results\:
WSDLBrowseDialog_Dialog_Title=Select WSDL
WSDLBrowseDialog_Error_Msg_Invalid_URL=Invalid URL specified for WSDl.
WSDLBrowseDialog_Error_Msg_Parse_Error=Encountered an error while parsing the selected WSDL.
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