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M2E connector for WRO4J

This m2e connector for WRO4J will execute wro4j-maven-plugin:run on Eclipse incremental builds, if a change is detected on css, js, less, json, sass resources under wro4j-maven-plugin's contextFolder (src/main/webapp by default)

In order for m2e-wro4j to be enabled, projects in eclipse must be Maven-enabled with m2e (right-click on project > Configure > Convert to Maven...)

If m2e-wtp is installed and wro4j's target directories are set under ${}/${ then the resources will be generated under ${}/m2e-wtp/web-resources/ so they can be picked up and deployed by WTP on the fly.


m2e-wro4j 1.1.x requires a minimum of:

  • Java 7
  • Eclipse 2022-09
  • m2e 1.5.x - 1.20.x
  • m2e-wtp <= 1.4.x

m2e-wro4j 1.2.x requires a minimum of:

  • Java 17
  • Eclipse 2022-09
  • m2e 2.x
  • m2e-wtp 1.5.x


M2E connector for WRO4J is available in the Eclipse Marketplace. Drag the following button to your running Eclipse workspace. (⚠️ Requires the Eclipse Marketplace Client)

Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

Alternatively, in Eclipse:

  • open Help > Install New Software...
  • work with:
    • for CI builds
    • for the latest release
    • for older (1.1.x) releases
  • expand the category and select the m2e connector for WRO4J
  • proceed with the installation
  • restart Eclipse


Open a terminal and execute:

./mvnw clean package

You can then install the generated update site from, also zipped as<VERSION>


EPL 2.0, See LICENSE file.