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Bulkippt CLI

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BulkipptCLI offers a command line interface alternative to using the Bulkippt gem ( in your application. If you just need to import your bookmarks from a CSV into your account with a single one-liner from your shell, this is your tool.


$ gem install bulkippt-cli


Upon installation, the bulkippt command should be available to you in the terminal. Running the command without any arguments will list the available tasks you can perform. The built-in help can also assist you with invocation parameters like so:

$ bulkippt help submit

To invoke the submit task (in test mode):

$ bulkippt submit ~/path/to/my/bookmarks.csv -u kippt_username -t kippt_token

The above command will submit the bookmarks you've listed in your CSV using your username and token passed in through the -u and -t flags. See for that information.

Your bookmarks CSV is expected to have the following columns: url, title, description.

The result of running the command successfully will be something like this:

I, [2012-11-14T01:40:55.938107 #66997]  INFO -- : SUCCESS: Kippt
I, [2012-11-14T01:40:55.938230 #66997]  INFO -- : SUCCESS: Pinboard
I, [2012-11-14T01:40:55.938288 #66997]  INFO -- : SUCCESS: Delicious
3 bookmarks submitted


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