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An API for Baltimore City Restaurants closed down for health code violations
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Provides an API for the Baltimore City Recent Food Establishment Closures page here

The application scrapes data from the page periodically and exposes that information in a queryable REST api.

As of early 2017, this particular data is not exposed on the Open Baltimore Portal, and having this data easily accessible will enable a wider variety of civic hacking the future. Examples could include notification systems, search engines/food review integrations, and geographic visualizations


The app is deployed here

The valid url params are as follows:

  • per_page - the number of results returned per page - default is 20
  • page - the page offset - default is 1
  • sort - accepts lowercase param names followed by either ".asc" or ".desc" (e.g. "closuredate.desc")
  • name - filters for an exact match on the name field
  • startDate - shows all records for which closuredate is after the given date. Format is m/d/yyyy
  • endDate - shows all records for which closuredate is before the given date. Format is m/d/yyy
  • reason - does a full text search in the reason field for the given item


The below environment variables must be set for the app to run. Defaults are given as well.

  • CLOSURES_URL - the url of the health department page with the restaurant closures
  • CLOSURES_SCHEDULE - a schedule compatible with the robfig/cron library. Default is every minute.
  • PORT - the port that the application will run on
  • GO_ENV - Either "development" or "production" depending on the environment. Default is development if unset.


The full list is in go.mod. In development and test the app uses sqlite to keep it lightweight. In production, postgres is used.

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