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cpsn lets you query your friend status on the Playstation Network (tm) via the command line interface. You can see friend status (online or offline), which game they are playing, and, if available, the game mode and map they are playing.


Before you can use cpsn, you must first create a settings file for your PSN username and password. Create a ~/.cpsn directory, and inside it, put a settings.yml file like:

:username: my_psn_username
:password: my_psn_password

That's it!


'cpsn' by itself on the commandline will show you all friends on your friends list that are online. You can optionally list one or more friend names to see only their status, or provide a group name (see 'Defining Groups' below). You can also pass '-o' to see your offline friends as well.

Defining Groups

If you find yourself looking for the status of a few friends frequently, you can define groups of users in your settings.yml file. Groups go under the ':groups:' section in the settings.yml file, and are the name you want to call them and a list of user names.

For example:

:username: my_psn_username
:password: my_psn_password

 - mw2: [friend1, friend2, friend3]

You may also set a default group for cpsn to query instead of all friends when you run the command with no arguments (you can still access all friends with 'cpsn all'):

 - default: mw2