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@PowerKiKi PowerKiKi released this Dec 24, 2020

Special thanks to @alexandermeindl who single-handed worked on this new release for a whole year. 🎄



  • Switch CI from Travis to Github Actions


  • Redmine 4.1+ is required
  • Dropped archived repository view
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@PowerKiKi PowerKiKi released this Jun 28, 2020

  • Support both python 2 and 3
  • Fix repository settings form template to work with redmine 4.x
  • Fix #715 by correcting misuse of ActiveRecord API for GitCache objects
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@PowerKiKi PowerKiKi released this Feb 14, 2020

  • Resolve Redmine 4.1 incompatiblity
  • Fix unneccesary checking of duplicate repositories
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@PowerKiKi PowerKiKi released this Dec 2, 2019

  • compatible with Redmine 4 (drop Redmine 3.x support)
  • drop redmine_bootstrap_kit required plugin
  • requires additionals plugin for latest fontawesome, slim and deface support -> and better maintenance
  • switch from haml to slim templates (because this is already used in additionals plugin)
  • libraries high_charts and bootstrap are moved to this plugin (TODO: high_charts should be migrationed to charts.js, which comes with Redmine 4. Bootstrap should be drop to vanila redmine, to get better theme support)
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@n-rodriguez n-rodriguez released this Jul 17, 2017

  • Merge #640 ([Views] Fix typo while rendering partial repositories/download_revision)
  • Merge #646 (Fix compatibility with Redmine 3.3)
  • Merge #663 ([Core] Fix installation of Gitolite3 hooks)
  • Improve custom Gitolite hook loading (see custom_hooks.rb.example at the root of the project)
  • Fix plugin icon with Redmine 3.4.x
  • Fix author url in sub-uri mode
  • Check if hook's permissions has changed
  • Catch Errno::ENOENT exceptions when installing custom hooks
  • Add logs for well installed Gitolite hooks
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@n-rodriguez n-rodriguez released this Dec 31, 2016

  • Fix #472 ([Views] 404 on the "My public keys" link in the user panel)
  • Fix #526 ([Core] Plugin breaks if gitolite user == redmine user)
  • Fix #551 ([Core] Make Sidekiq truly optional)
  • Fix #576 ([Models] Can't add Git Config Key)
  • Fix #630 ([Core] Use "gitolite query-rc" to get Gitolite variables)
  • Fix #632 ([Core] Mirroring does not work on git push)
  • Merge #581 (Fix #472 by amelentjev)
  • Merge #621 ([Routes] Mount grack under http_server_subdir)
  • Merge #624 ([Translations] Add Spanish translation)
  • Merge #634 ([Views] Added missing mandatory param for partial repositories/download_revision)
  • Merge #636 ([Doc] "Remove user ID from Gitolite identifier" requires a restart)
  • Fix repo url in Gitolite hooks
  • Fix nil data case when loading custom settings from empty file
  • Allow to load plugin settings from a file in Redmine root (should ease deployment and upgrades)
  • Fix wrong Repository Git objects count
  • Add Russian translation
  • Rename redmine_git_hosting:restore_defaults task to redmine_git_hosting:update_settings
  • Add Rake task redmine_git_hosting:dump_settings to dump plugin settings in console
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@n-rodriguez n-rodriguez released this Jul 24, 2016

  • Fix #524 ([DB] Index too long)
  • Fix #533 ([Views] About preview feature)
  • Fix #541 ([Core] SSH/Gitolite server host on 1.2)
  • Fix #553 ([Controllers] Protected branches user list never updated. Mass-assign warning.)
  • Fix #569 ([Core] Connection refused when sshd doesn't listen on default port)
  • Merge #583 ([Core] force UTF-8 encoding for tags and branches)
  • Merge #600 ([Core] Improve performance)
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@n-rodriguez n-rodriguez released this Nov 18, 2015

  • Enhance protected branches permissions support : #389, #414
  • Add support for Gitolite options : #415
  • Enhance global repository access : #465. You can now choose if Redmine has RW access on all repositories.
  • Improve validation of plugin settings. Validation errors are now displayed in the view.
  • Use our own Rack implementation to render Gitolite hooks
  • Fix push over HTTP
  • Cleanup code/API
  • Improve coding style
  • Display contributors in plugins info page ;)
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@n-rodriguez n-rodriguez released this Nov 18, 2015

  • Fix wrong behavior of GoRedirectorController when project is private
  • Update Redcarpet to latest version (3.3.2)
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@n-rodriguez n-rodriguez released this Oct 1, 2015

  • Merge #505 ([Core] Added an error message in case that something as broken the temp directory)
  • Merge #517 ([Views] Fix error when rendering non-ASCII ReadMe files)
  • Fix #<TypeError: no implicit conversion of nil into String> when triggers are enabled on PostReceiveUrls and pushing on a non-triggering branch
  • Fix #<TypeError: no implicit conversion of nil into String> when triggers (refspec) are enabled on RepositoryMirrors and pushing on a non-triggering branch
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