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@@ -9,4 +9,8 @@ var bitMap:Bitmap = new Bitmap(qr.bitmapData);
That is just the first version of the library, I will try to optimize it and fixing some problem soon as possible..
The choice to just provide a bitmap data object has been made to allow you to display the qrcode or to encoding it and save it to a png or jpeg file.
+A flash demo:
+import flash.display.Sprite; import org.qrcode.QRCode; import flash.display.Bitmap; var sp:Sprite = new Sprite(); var qr:QRCode = new QRCode(); qr.encode("TEST"); var img:Bitmap = new Bitmap(qr.bitmapData); sp.addChild(img); addChild(sp);
The project is under MIT License.
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