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require 'norm'
def assert(assertion) raise unless assertion end
Norm.database = 'norm'
assert N == Norm
N.tables.each{|m| N.drop m}
assert N.tables.empty? #Empty hat, no rabbit
module Norm
assert !const_defined?(:Table)
table = :material => "wood"
assert Table.last == table
assert Table.first == table
assert Table.all == table
assert Table.last.material == "wood"
assert Table[].material == "wood"
assert Table["where id = #{}"].material == "wood"
assert Table["where material = 'wood'"] == table
assert Table["where material = 'squid'"].nil?
assert !const_defined?(:Chair)
chair = :variety => "stool", :table => table
assert chair.table == table
assert table.chair == chair
second_chair = :variety => 'lounge', :table => table
assert table.chair.include?(second_chair) && table.chair.include?(chair)
assert Chair.all == table.chair
assert chair.table == second_chair.table
assert chair.table
Chair - 'table' #remove the column
assert chair.table.nil?
assert !chair.attributes.keys.include?('table')
assert chair.attributes.keys.include?('variety')
assert ["id", "variety"] =={|c| c.to_s}.sort
Chair + 'table' + 'material' - 'variety'#add the column back, add a new column (material), and remove variety
assert ["id", "material", "table"] =={|c| c.to_s}.sort