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Cleanup Mobile UI

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app Cleanup Mobile UI
config "Redesigned the homepage"
db meeting places (partially)
doc added mainpage spec
lib remove unnecessary variable
log rails
public Cleanup Mobile UI
script rails
test a little more test coverage on phone fields
vendor convert to haml
.gitignore bundler works
Capfile capify
Gemfile convert to haml
README.textile document caliper
Rakefile rails


Break Glass

Project for RHoK


Gems are managed with bundler.

If you don’t have bundler, sudo gem install bundler.

To sure you’re up to date with breakglass gems, gem bundle.

Continuous Integration

See runcoderun for test status. Try installing rcr-notify to get growl notifications of build status.


See Devver Caliper for various Ruby code metrics, like code smell, LOC, duplication, etc.

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