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[ Deprecate in preference to coffee-resque ]

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-h1. Resque for Node.js
+h1. This respository is not under active development
+p. Check out Rick Olson's "coffee-resque": which is.
+h2. Resque for Node.js
p. "Resque": is a "redis": backed task queue inspired by "delayed job": "Node.js": is a javascript runtime built on the "v8 engine":
@@ -80,12 +84,3 @@ h3. Cleaning stale workers
At any point, you can call @require ("resque").connect({...}).cleanStaleWorkers ()@, which will ensure that any dead workers have been removed from resque. This is called at the start of @node-resque-worker@.
-h2. Maturity & Contribution
-This is fairly immature code, but we'll be using it for a production app, so it will see significant iteration and improvement in the near future. To help out, fork, commit, push, & request pull.
-h2. Contributors
-* "NewsBasis":
-* "technoweenie":
-* You?
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