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+h1. Resque-monitor: Resque-web in node
+@resque-monitor@ is a lightweight monitor and admin interface for "resque": written in "node.js": Resque monitor streams resque activity over, giving you a _really_ real-time view into the state of your resque workers.
+h2. Features
+* live-updating charts on throughput for each worker, job type, queue and worker host
+* viewing and live monitoring queues
+* viewing and live monitoring failed jobs
+* removing queues
+* removing jobs from queues
+* requeueing failed jobs individually
+* bulk requeueing jobs
+* searching the job queue
+h2. Installation
+@npm install resque-monitor@
+h2. Running resque-monitor
+npm installs a resque-monitor executable, so you should just be able to type @resque-monitor@ at your prompt.
+<pre><code>$ resque-monitor --help
+ --port -p what port resque-monitor should use. default: 8888
+ --host -h what host resque-monitor should bind to. default: localhost
+ --redis -r redis host:port:database:namespace. defaults to localhost:6379:0:resque
+h2. Requirements
+@resque-monitor@ only works on webkit and gecko based browsers.
+h2. Possible additions
+* mobile formatted overview
+* editing existing jobs
+* queueing new jobs manually
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