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I can't seem to find any mention of what license Sibilant is released under. Briefly going through your other code, it seems that you've been using the MIT license; any chance we can get a LICENSE file dropped in here as well? :-)


jbr commented Dec 29, 2010

Gosh, I have no idea. What do you recommend? I can't imagine anyone making money off of sibilant, but I wouldn't want to stop them from trying. I certainly don't want to scare off anyone from using it or require them to open source anything that "derives from" sibilant, since's that's kinda silly. I also wouldn't want to be sued if there was a bug that caused some sort of property loss/damage. Is MIT right for that? Just like "Here's some code, have fun. Be nice."

Yeah, the MIT/BSD style licenses pretty much cover those points: they let anyone do pretty much anything they want with it (commercial or not, proprietary or open) as long as they give you credit (by keeping the license notice intact), and they disclaim liability. It's the same sort of license that Node itself and most of the Node packages use, for what that's worth.


jbr commented Dec 29, 2010

Cool. I added an MIT license in f1aee62

Thanks for pointing this out!

Great, thanks!

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