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(ns vacuum
(:use clojure.contrib.combinatorics))
(def p-dirty 0.05)
(def discount 1)
(def world-rows 2)
(def world-cols 2)
(def world-size [ world-cols world-rows ])
(def epsilon 0.001)
(def actions [:suck :noop :up :down :left :right])
(def all-worlds (vec (map vec (selections [true false] (* world-cols world-rows)))))
(def all-positions (vec (cartesian-product (range 0 world-cols) (range 0 world-rows))))
(def all-states (vec (cartesian-product all-worlds all-positions)))
(def initial-policy-and-values
(reduce #(assoc %1 %2 [:noop 0]) {} all-states))
(defn- world-pos-to-index [[col row]]
(+ (* world-cols row) col))
(defn get-in-world [world pos]
(nth world (world-pos-to-index pos)))
(defn assoc-in-world [world pos val]
(assoc world (world-pos-to-index pos) val))
(defn get-policy [policy-and-values state]
(get-in policy-and-values [state 0]))
(defn assoc-policy [policy-and-values state new-policy-for-state]
(assoc-in policy-and-values [state 0] new-policy-for-state))
(defn get-value [policy-and-values state]
(get-in policy-and-values [state 1]))
(defn assoc-value [policy-and-values state new-value-for-state]
(assoc-in policy-and-values [state 1] new-value-for-state))
(defn- determine-dirt-count [world]
(reduce + (map #(if %1 1 0) world)))
(def dirt-counts (doall (reduce #(assoc %1 %2 (determine-dirt-count %2)) {} all-worlds)))
(defn dirt-count [world] (dirt-counts world))
(defn reward [action world]
(+ (- (dirt-count world))
(case action
:suck -1
(:left :right :up :down) -2
:noop 0)))
(defn possible-action? [action [col row :as pos]]
(case action
:left (> col 0)
:up (> row 0)
:right (< col (dec world-cols))
:down (< row (dec world-rows))
(:suck :noop) true))
(defn- determine-possible-actions [position]
(filter #(possible-action? % position) actions))
(def possible-actions
(doall (reduce #(assoc %1 %2 (determine-possible-actions %2)) {} all-positions)))
(defn take-action [action world [col row :as position]]
(if (possible-action? action position)
(case action
:suck [(assoc-in-world world position false) position]
:noop [world position]
:left [world [(dec col) row]]
:right [world [(inc col) row]]
:up [world [col (dec row)]]
:down [world [col (inc row)]])
[world position]))
(defn- determine-transition-probability [from to]
(loop [p 1
[from-head & from-rest] from
[to-head & to-rest] to]
(let [new-p (* p (case [from-head to-head]
[true true] 1
[true false] 0
[false false] (- 1 p-dirty)
[false true] p-dirty))]
(if (or (= new-p 0) (empty? from-rest) (empty? to-rest)) new-p
(recur new-p from-rest to-rest)))))
(def transition-probability-cache
(doall (reduce #(assoc %1 %2 (apply determine-transition-probability %2)) {} (selections all-worlds 2))))
(defn transition-probability [from to] (transition-probability-cache [from to]))
(defn- determine-next-worlds [world]
(reduce (fn [worlds possible-world]
(let [p (transition-probability world possible-world)]
(if (> p 0)
(conj worlds [possible-world p])
[] all-worlds))
(def next-worlds (doall (reduce #(assoc %1 %2 (determine-next-worlds %2)) {} all-worlds)))
(defn backup [policy-and-values world position action]
(reduce + (pmap (fn [[next-world p]]
(* p (+ (reward action next-world)
(* discount
(get-value policy-and-values
[next-world position])))))
(next-worlds world))))
(defn updated-value [policy-and-values world position]
(let [action (get-policy policy-and-values [world position])
[post-action-world new-position] (take-action action world position)]
(backup policy-and-values post-action-world new-position action)))
(defn updated-policy [policy-and-values world position]
(apply max-key
(fn [action]
(let [[updated-world new-position] (take-action action world position)]
(backup policy-and-values updated-world new-position action)))
(possible-actions position)))
(defn update-values-for-all-states [policy-and-values]
(reduce (fn [new-policy-and-values [world position :as state]]
(assoc-value new-policy-and-values state
(updated-value policy-and-values world position)))
(defn update-policy-for-all-states [policy-and-values]
(reduce (fn [new-policy-and-values [world position :as state]]
(assoc-policy new-policy-and-values state
(updated-policy policy-and-values world position)))
(defn determine-policy [debug]
(loop [policy-and-values initial-policy-and-values]
(let [new-policy-and-values (-> policy-and-values
value-diff (apply max (map (fn [state]
(Math/abs (- (get-value new-policy-and-values state)
(get-value policy-and-values state))))
(when debug (prn value-diff))
(if (> value-diff epsilon)
(recur new-policy-and-values)
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