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Backup all your GitHub and Bitbucket repos with minimal configuration

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Backup GitBucket - Backup all your GitHub and BitBucket repositories


backup_gitbucket.rb is a tiny Ruby-Script to backup all your GitHub and/or BitBucket repositories. It uses the API to figure out the list of all repos (your's and organizational repos).

Git repositories are cloned in --mirror mode. So they will include all remote branches.


I like GitHub's social features and BitBucket's private repos. But having a local backup feels nice too ;-)

How to use?

  • gem install excon
  • gem install json
  • edit config.yaml.sample to match your settings.
  • ./bin/backup-gitbucket config.yaml

Known issues

The script works fine for me, but it currently lacks proper error-reporting. (Pull requests welcome.)


I currently play with rspec. Execute the tests with rspec spec --color --format doc

What is the License?

Licensed under Apache License Version 2.0.

Enjoy, Jens

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