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#ifndef COMPILE_H
#define COMPILE_H
#include <stdint.h>
#include "bytecode.h"
#include "opcode.h"
#include "locfile.h"
struct inst;
typedef struct inst inst;
typedef struct block {
inst* first;
inst* last;
} block;
block gen_location(location, block);
block gen_noop();
block gen_op_simple(opcode op);
block gen_op_const(opcode op, jv constant);
block gen_op_target(opcode op, block target);
block gen_op_var_unbound(opcode op, const char* name);
block gen_op_var_bound(opcode op, block binder);
block gen_op_block_defn(opcode op, const char* name, block block);
block gen_op_block_defn_rec(opcode op, const char* name, block block);
block gen_op_block_unbound(opcode op, const char* name);
block gen_op_call(opcode op, block arglist);
block gen_op_symbol(opcode op, const char* name);
block gen_subexp(block a);
block gen_both(block a, block b);
block gen_collect(block expr);
block gen_assign(block expr);
block gen_definedor(block a, block b);
block gen_condbranch(block iftrue, block iffalse);
block gen_and(block a, block b);
block gen_or(block a, block b);
block gen_cond(block cond, block iftrue, block iffalse);
block gen_cbinding(struct symbol_table* functions, block b);
void block_append(block* b, block b2);
block block_join(block a, block b);
int block_has_only_binders(block, int bindflags);
block block_bind(block binder, block body, int bindflags);
int block_compile(block, struct locfile*, struct bytecode**);
void block_free(block);
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