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Package Sonatype Nexus OSS as a .rpm
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This repository holds files and scripts to build a Sonatype Nexus .rpm package.



How to build

  • fetch Nexus OSS tar.gz: ./fetch-nexus-oos
  • build RPM: ./rpm SPECS/nexus-oss.spec

Linux-like directories

Nexus configuration has been customized, so Nexus behaves more like a "real" daemon.

  • Logfiles: /var/log/nexus
  • Pidfile: /var/run/
  • Conf: /etc/nexus
  • Init file: /etc/init.d/nexus

Current state

This has been tested on Scientific Linux 6.1. It should work on CentOS and RHEL too. Currently Nexus is configured to run as root user. While this not perfect, it is better than the manual unzip/install steps .

Have fun! Jens

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