A poor-man's CA in puppet.
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A cheap Puppet CA using OpenSSL.

This module provides several resources that will act as a quick-and-dirty CA: don't serve certificates over the public Internet, but do use these certificates to provide two-way signing between otherwise isolated client/server systems.

Quick Start

Consider a very peculiar network in which there exist only the central puppet master, puppet, our git daemon, slug compiler box git and the message bus machine mq0. Here's how you'd declare puppet to be the central authority for all certificates, mq0 to require server keys and all other hosts client keys.

include openssl

if $hostname == 'puppet' {
  # Declare 'puppet' to be the central authority; all certificates will be
  # created and signed here.
  class { 'openssl::certmaster':
    ca_name => 'rabbitmq',
    ensure => present,

# Provide all RabbitMQ machines with the certificates they need to serve
# up encrypted connections.
Openssl::Server {
  ca_name => 'rabbitmq',
openssl::server {
  'mq0' : ensure => present;

# Copy client keys from central authority to all client boxes.
Openssl::Client {
  ca_name => 'rabbitmq',
openssl::client {
  'puppet': ensure => present;
  'git'   : ensure => present;
  'mq0'   : ensure => present;

Bootstrapping the certificate authority will take two runs of puppet agent, owing to the way in which client/server certificates are distributed in the absence of their being stored in the 'CA' directory structure.

Diving into the source

You'll need to be familiar with:

I've attempted to document the module source well, but please take out an issue if something could be more clear.