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This source was originally obtained from the tcpd-tools-0.9 source
tree, which is a product of the WIDE Project MAWI WorkingGroup
(Kenjiro Cho <>).
The file "queue.h" was obtained from another system (I think it was
OpenBSD 3.0, as the above code was written for FreeBSD). The one that
came with a stock Red Hat Linux release 7.2 system did not work. This
"port" was a quick hack to get this working. (I should find a good
source for this that I can reference, or port it to use something that
comes with RH Linux. At least it works.)
To add new sub-protocols to TCP or UDP, you need to edit the following
Add a new identifier to "enum protos" at line 34.
Add a new case to the switch statement at line 526. The
identified in the STAT_ADD() call should match the enumeration
identifier you added to tcpdstat.h
Add a new element to the "protos" array in the same order as
the "enum protos" list. April 13, 2002