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Legacy Code Retreat - Trivia Game codebase
COBOL C# Visual Basic Shell Perl C Other
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C#/Trivia Made c# version runnable straight out of box
C++ Added C++ version of the game
C current_player is not initialized which can lead to segfault
COBOL Initial COBOL version
PowerShell removed semicolons
coffeescript Add CoffeeScript compilation to README
d added readme with basic howto compile
fsharp Added F# translation
go Minifying and/or uglifying
groovy Groovy version of trivia
java Added basic dummy JUnit test
javascript Export Game function for testing.
lua trivia: Added lua version of trivia
objective-c Change SDK to OS X 10.7 and seed random value
perl Add Perl port, cribbed mostly from Python.
php Fixed an unintentional syntax mistake in the PHP version.
python Fix some bugs in python version
reference reference files : the random sequences used to generate the moves and…
ruby Fixed unfair "Chet starts in Penalty Box" bug in Ruby example
scala/com/adaptionsoft/games Scala Port
shellscript Added shellscript port
smalltalk Add Smalltalk code for Trivia game
vb6/Trivia Copy paste bug. Oops!
.gitignore Didn't mean to change this
LICENSE.txt Added a GPL v3 license. Update

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