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A general purpose browser-side CommonJS module loader
Yabble is a general purpose browser-side CommonJS module loader. Other similar module loaders are available, but Yabble strives to be a flexible loader in a small package.
** NOTE: This is an early release. See below for more information **
* Compliant with Modules 1.0
* Supports async XHR/eval()
- Allows the use of non-transport-wrapped module code for quick development
* Supports script tags with a Transport format
- Easier debugging, potential for file concatenation
* Includes a tool for automatically wrapping modules in a Transport format
* Supports require.ensure() for lazy-loading modules
* Small size (<500 lines, ~13kb raw, ~4kb minified, and <2kb when minified/gzipped)
* Stability
- Better cross-browser compliance
- More unit tests
- Better unit testing framework
* Features
- Implement support for Modules 1.1(.1)
- Complete support for Transport/D
- Implement support for Transport/C
- Explicit support for concatenated Transport files in loader and tooling
* Loader
- Use loader code in tooling (no copy/paste code)
- Expand supported engines for tooling (node.js)
- Better consideration for platform (line endings, encoding, etc)
Notes on the current release:
This is the first release and is currently unsuitable for any sort of production work. The loader has passed the Module 1.0 unit tests on IE 6/7 and FF 3. While complete cross-browser support is a short-term goal, this release does not offer it.
The tooling (yabbler.js) currently supports the Rhino javascript engine and is very under-developed. It is offered as a preview of what is to come.
For example usage for both the loader and the tooling, please see the Modules 1.0 unit tests.
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