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Final Fantasy VII Damage Calculator
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Final Fantasy VII Damage Calculator

HTML/JS application to work out the damage caused by attacks in FFVII under a variety of situations.

This is a toy project from when I was first getting to grips with JavaScript. Though I think there were some good ideas (starting out with a MVW pattern; experimenting with OOCSS), there were some very bad ones too. Not least failing to use version control.

I'm pushing this to Github so I can use SCM whilst finishing it off so people can actually use the interface.

What it has

  • test physical, magical and curative attacks
  • test with any combination of relevant attacker / defender stats
  • test with any battle condition (Mini, back attack, hero drinks etc.)
  • get a breakdown log of how the damage calculation proceeded
  • see if and when damage overflow was triggered
  • see random variation

What it doesn't have yet

  • unit tests, or a test interface
  • ability to run mass calculations (eg for graphing relationships between stats and damage)

What it probably won't ever have

  • predefined scenarios (e.g. pick an enemy and have its stats autofill)
  • mass calculation visualization
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