SaltStack formula for deploying Cuckoo Sandbox
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SaltStack formula for deploying Cuckoo Sandbox.


  • vmcloak needs an Office key to be set in pillar.
  • Pillar value for hosts network interface needs to be set in pillar to the correct value.


  • Setup a Salt master and one or more Salt minions as per documentation.
  • Create the /srv/salt and /srv/pillar directories. (Don't forget to add them to file_roots and pillar_roots in /etc/salt/master config file)
  • Create /srv/pillar/top.sls as per documentation.
  • Create a symlink from /srv/salt/pillar.example to /srv/pillar/cuckoo.sls.
  • Add cuckoo to pillar top file.
  • Fill out the cuckoo.sls pillar as desired.
  • Run salt 'minion_id' saltutil.refresh_pillar to reload modified pillar on minions.
  • Run either salt 'minion_id' state.highstate or salt 'minion_id' state.apply cuckoo.


The cuckoo-salt SaltStack formula features various commands for operating one or more Cuckoo machines.

Common methods:

  • cuckoo.init: fully setup Cuckoo & its dependencies.
  • cuckoo.vms: setup VMs using VMCloak as per your configuration.
  • cuckoo.start: start Cuckoo.
  • cuckoo.stop: stop Cuckoo.

Don't forget to pass along the -t 3600 parameter when state.apply'ing cuckoo.vms as this operation may take more than 10 minutes.

Maintenance methods:

  • fetch the latest Community release.
  • cuckoo.install: install Cuckoo.
  • cuckoo.uninstall: uninstall Cuckoo.
  • cuckoo.update: stop, uninstall, install, and start Cuckoo.
  • cuckoo.clean: remove all analyses, submitted binaries, and database entries.
  • cuckoo.removevms: remove all VMs
  • cuckoo.web: enable the Cuckoo Web Interface (requires reporting:mongodb:enabled to be true)


  • Testing has been done on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, but needs a lot more.
  • Turn into a proper salt formula
  • Add a mongo deploy state?
  • Add an ELK cluster deploy state?
  • Add user www-data to cuckoo & other way around.

Reverse port tunneling & temporary Salt Master

In case one doesn't want to expose the SaltStack master to the internet the entire time it is possible to use reverse tunneling in your setup. In such a setup we'll assume three different types of machines: master, proxy, minion.

On the master machine:

  • Setup salt-master and disable the service.

On the minion machine:

  • Setup salt-minion and point it to your proxy.

On the proxy machine:

Now each time you'll want to push commands from the Master to a Minion, it is required to go through the following steps:

  • On the master, ssh -R 4505:localhost:4505 -R 4506:localhost:4506 proxy.
  • On the master, run salt-master -l debug as a foreground process.