Static Binary Instrumentation: Rewrite binaries.
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Static Binary Instrumentation: Rewrite binaries.

SBI is a static variant of the well-known Dynamic Binary Instrumentation frameworks. Static Binary Instrumentation is a tool to aid in static analysis without depending on a particular tool (different tools exist for different binary types, such as x86, java, .NET, etc.)

Using SBI one can write semi-generic scripts to alter the contents for different types of binaries. Therefore, SBI allows one to remove obfuscations etc enforced to make Reverse Engineering a harder task, resulting in a binary which can be Reverse Engineered in a normal way by regular tools.

Whereas existing DBI frameworks are limited to certain architectures and platforms, an SBI framework can do about any kind of binary, because there is no need to run the binary itself.

That being said, Static Binary Instrumentation offers an easy to use API to manipulate existing binaries.

For questions, bugs, or to contribute, please make a pull request or join us on the official irc channel #sbi on freenode.