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AMQP RabbitMQ Lager backend
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Lager AMQP Backend

This is a backend for the Lager Erlang logging framework.

It will send all of your logging messages to the exchange you specify and use the logging level as the routing key. It uses a smart connection pool to your broker. If the connection drops or becomes unusable, the backend will reconnect.


Include this backend into your project using rebar:

{lager_amqp_backend, ".*", {git, "", "master"}}


You can pass the backend the following configuration (shown are the defaults):

{lager, [
  {handlers, [
    {lager_amqp_backend, [
      {name,        "lager_amqp_backend"},
      {level,       debug},
      {exchange,    <<"lager_amqp_backend">>},
      {amqp_user,   <<"guest">>},
      {amqp_pass,   <<"guest">>},
      {amqp_vhost,  <<"/">>},
      {amqp_host,   "localhost"},
      {amqp_port,   5672}


Apache 2.0, just like everything else I do. :)

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