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+# Remote Logging for Node.js and Riak
+When working in a environment that could easily scale out horizontally to many servers,
+it often becomes necessary to manage logging in some aggregate way. This package for
+[Node.js]( gives Node applications the ability to log to a central
+Riak server. It also provides a command-line utility for displaying those logs,
+including filtering based on log level and regular expression searching.
+### Installation
+ git clone
+ npm install ./node-rlog
+### Usage
+To use it in your Node.js application, do the following:
+ var rlog = require('node-rlog');
+ var log = rlog.getLogger('bucketname');
+ ...
+ log.debug('This is a debug line: ', myobj, myobj2);
+When you want to view your log files, use the 'noderlog' command line utility:
+ noderlog -b bucketname
+A list of the options available to the noderlog utility can be output by passing a '-h':
+ noderlog -h
+ Usage: rlog [options]
+ Available options:
+ -d, --debug Show DEBUG level and up log lines
+ -i, --info Show INFO level and up log lines
+ -w, --warn Show WARN level and up log lines
+ -e, --error Show ERROR level log lines
+ -b, --bucket BUCKET The log bucket to look in
+ -r, --regex REGEX A regular expression to apply to log lines
+ -h, --help Print this help
+To limit the output to a particular log level, use the options for that level.
+ noderlog -b bucketname -i
+If you want to search your log output based on a regular expression, pass it using '-r':
+ noderlog -b bucketname -r "^startswith"
+This utility is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license:

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