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%% The contents of this file are subject to the Mozilla Public License
%% Version 1.1 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
%% compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License
%% at
%% Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS"
%% basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See
%% the License for the specific language governing rights and
%% limitations under the License.
%% The Original Code is RabbitMQ.
%% The Initial Developer of the Original Code is GoPivotal, Inc.
%% Copyright (c) 2007-2015 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
-export([analyze_frame/3, init/1, process/2]).
-type(frame_type() :: ?FRAME_METHOD | ?FRAME_HEADER | ?FRAME_BODY |
-type(protocol() :: rabbit_framing:protocol()).
-type(method() :: rabbit_framing:amqp_method_record()).
-type(class_id() :: rabbit_framing:amqp_class_id()).
-type(weight() :: non_neg_integer()).
-type(body_size() :: non_neg_integer()).
-type(content() :: rabbit_types:undecoded_content()).
-type(frame() ::
{'method', rabbit_framing:amqp_method_name(), binary()} |
{'content_header', class_id(), weight(), body_size(), binary()} |
{'content_body', binary()}).
-type(state() ::
{'method', protocol()} |
{'content_header', method(), class_id(), protocol()} |
{'content_body', method(), body_size(), class_id(), protocol()}).
-spec(analyze_frame/3 :: (frame_type(), binary(), protocol()) ->
frame() | 'heartbeat' | 'error').
-spec(init/1 :: (protocol()) -> {ok, state()}).
-spec(process/2 :: (frame(), state()) ->
{ok, state()} |
{ok, method(), state()} |
{ok, method(), content(), state()} |
{error, rabbit_types:amqp_error()}).
<<ClassId:16, MethodId:16, MethodFields/binary>>,
Protocol) ->
MethodName = Protocol:lookup_method_name({ClassId, MethodId}),
{method, MethodName, MethodFields};
<<ClassId:16, Weight:16, BodySize:64, Properties/binary>>,
_Protocol) ->
{content_header, ClassId, Weight, BodySize, Properties};
analyze_frame(?FRAME_BODY, Body, _Protocol) ->
{content_body, Body};
analyze_frame(?FRAME_HEARTBEAT, <<>>, _Protocol) ->
analyze_frame(_Type, _Body, _Protocol) ->
init(Protocol) -> {ok, {method, Protocol}}.
process({method, MethodName, FieldsBin}, {method, Protocol}) ->
Method = Protocol:decode_method_fields(MethodName, FieldsBin),
case Protocol:method_has_content(MethodName) of
true -> {ClassId, _MethodId} = Protocol:method_id(MethodName),
{ok, {content_header, Method, ClassId, Protocol}};
false -> {ok, Method, {method, Protocol}}
catch exit:#amqp_error{} = Reason -> {error, Reason}
process(_Frame, {method, _Protocol}) ->
unexpected_frame("expected method frame, "
"got non method frame instead", [], none);
process({content_header, ClassId, 0, 0, PropertiesBin},
{content_header, Method, ClassId, Protocol}) ->
Content = empty_content(ClassId, PropertiesBin, Protocol),
{ok, Method, Content, {method, Protocol}};
process({content_header, ClassId, 0, BodySize, PropertiesBin},
{content_header, Method, ClassId, Protocol}) ->
Content = empty_content(ClassId, PropertiesBin, Protocol),
{ok, {content_body, Method, BodySize, Content, Protocol}};
process({content_header, HeaderClassId, 0, _BodySize, _PropertiesBin},
{content_header, Method, ClassId, _Protocol}) ->
unexpected_frame("expected content header for class ~w, "
"got one for class ~w instead",
[ClassId, HeaderClassId], Method);
process(_Frame, {content_header, Method, ClassId, _Protocol}) ->
unexpected_frame("expected content header for class ~w, "
"got non content header frame instead", [ClassId], Method);
process({content_body, FragmentBin},
{content_body, Method, RemainingSize,
Content = #content{payload_fragments_rev = Fragments}, Protocol}) ->
NewContent = Content#content{
payload_fragments_rev = [FragmentBin | Fragments]},
case RemainingSize - size(FragmentBin) of
0 -> {ok, Method, NewContent, {method, Protocol}};
Sz -> {ok, {content_body, Method, Sz, NewContent, Protocol}}
process(_Frame, {content_body, Method, _RemainingSize, _Content, _Protocol}) ->
unexpected_frame("expected content body, "
"got non content body frame instead", [], Method).
empty_content(ClassId, PropertiesBin, Protocol) ->
#content{class_id = ClassId,
properties = none,
properties_bin = PropertiesBin,
protocol = Protocol,
payload_fragments_rev = []}.
unexpected_frame(Format, Params, Method) when is_atom(Method) ->
{error, rabbit_misc:amqp_error(unexpected_frame, Format, Params, Method)};
unexpected_frame(Format, Params, Method) ->
unexpected_frame(Format, Params, rabbit_misc:method_record_type(Method)).
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