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This is a Groovy DSL for doing testing of HTTP services and REST APIs. I'm using it from Spock Spec tests. There are examples in the src/test/groovy directory. Under the covers it uses the Spring 3 RestTemplate.


To use the RestBuilder, create a shared builder instance and optionally set an errorHandler:

def rest = new RestBuilder()
rest.errorHandler = {response ->
  // Deal with errors here

This instance can be re-used because each new block results in a new instance of RestTemplate.

To send a request, you can set headers, URI parameters, set the contentType and optionally the responseType inside a Groovy Closure:

def location = {
  contentType "application/json"
  responseType URI
  body new Person(name: "John Doe")
  post "http://localhost:8098/riak/bucket"

When POSTing data, if you set a responseType of, you'll get back the Location header as a URI (underneath it uses the RestTemplate's postForLocation method).

To GET an object for inspection:

def response = {
  accept "application/json"
  responseType Map
  get "http://localhost:8098/riak/bucket/key"
// Deal with the body here (which will be a Map)
def props = response.body.props

To set headers, use the header or headers style:

def response = {
  header "X-Riak-Vclock", vclock


def response = {
  headers ["X-Riak-Vclock": vclock]

You can set URI parameters, which will be URL encoded and tacked onto the end of the URL:

def response = {
  param "returnbody", "true"
  body new Person(name: "John Doe")
  post "http://localhost:8098/riak/bucket/johndoe"

would result in a URL of: http://localhost:8098/riak/bucket/johndoe?returnbody=true being passed to the RestTemplate.