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Judgie is a simple, fun opinion polling application which demonstrates the use of many Rails plugins, including Ultrasphinx (for search), GoogleChartsOnRails (interaction with Google Charts API), and Recaptcha.  Many standard plugins, including restful_authentication, will_paginate, and exception_notification are also used.

Judgie is not a plugin or an add-on to your existing Rails application.  It is being open-sourced as a demo application, meant to be used as a learning tool by people wanting to see the above plugins in action.

Judgie runs on Ruby on Rails, so first you need to get Rails running. Go download rails ( and follow it's instructions to get Rails running.  The directions in this README file assume basic knowledge of Rails.

Detailed Instructions:

Setup the databases (only MysQL has been used/tested):

1. Edit config/database.yml to reflect the database names and passwords you would like to use.
2. rake db:create:all
3. rake db:migrate

Setup default values:

4. Edit config/environment.rb and change the config.action_controller.session data
5. Edit config/environment.rb and set reCaptcha keys ENV['RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY'] and ENV['RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY'] after obtaining keys from
6. Edit config/environment.rb and set ExceptionNotifier recipient and sender email variables
7. Edit config/environments/development.rb and production.rb to suit your tastes.
8. Edit public/404.html, public/500.html, app/views/account_mailer/*
9. Edit style.css to suite your tastes.
10. Edit app/views/site/terms_of_service.html.erb and app/views/site/privacy_policy.html.erb

Install Sphinx:

11. Download Sphinx from
12. tar -zxvf sphinx-0.9.8.tar.gz
13. cd sphinx-0.9.8.tar
14. ./configure
15. make
16. sudo make install

Configure Ultrasphinx:

17. Configure, perform initial index, and start Sphinx daemon with "rake ultrasphinx:bootstrap"
18. Use "rake -T ultrasphinx" to see a full list of available Ultrasphinx commands

Start Judgie:

19. ./script/server
20. Go to the home page http://localhost:3000
21. Go to the signup page and create an account.

Judgie is Copyright 2008 Compulsivo, Inc.
Released under the MIT License