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Limitation in creating XML objects. #12

JonLundy opened this Issue Nov 30, 2011 · 0 comments

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I am trying to write an application that works with the RedMine API. I need to be able to send custom fields and the way they are handled are in the format:

    <custom_field id="1"><value>value</value></custom_field>
    <custom_field id="2"><value>value</value></custom_field>
    <custom_field id="3"><value>value</value></custom_field>

If I use the format of having an array of arrays within custom_fields it doesn't pull over the ID for each custom_field.

$issue = array(
  'subject' => 'Test',
  'project_id' => 'data',
  'description' => 'Text',
  'custom_fields => array(
    'custom_field => array(
       array('@id' =>"1", 'value' => 'value'),
       array('@id' =>"2", 'value' => 'value'),
       array('@id' =>"3", 'value' => 'value')

@jbroadway jbroadway closed this in b9d238b Dec 7, 2011
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