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This is a basic PHP class for accessing Ruby on Rails REST APIs in an ActiveResource style of coding. The benefit is easier use of RoR-based REST services without having to roll your own CURL-based client each time. Hopefully this class saves a few people some time coding in PHP against RoR-based REST services. It’s by no means an exhaustive port, and some methods are missing, but it does try to cover all the basics.

Note: You will need the php curl extension installed on your system. On Ubuntu, you can install them with:

sudo apt-get install php5-curl



require_once ('ActiveResource.php');

class Song extends ActiveResource {
    var $site = 'http://localhost:3000/';
    var $element_name = 'songs';

// create a new item
$song = new Song (array ('artist' => 'Joe Cocker', 'title' => 'A Little Help From My Friends'));
$song->save ();

// fetch and update an item, chaining statements
$song->find (44)->set ('title', 'The River')->save ();

// fetch and update, line by line
$song->find (44);
$song->title = 'The River';
$song->save ();

// get all songs
$songs = $song->find ('all');

// delete a song
$song->find (44);
$song->destroy ();

// custom method
$songs = $song->get ('by_year', array ('year' => 1999));