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This script retrieves control data from an unRAID server, in order to troubleshoot issues in a simulated development environment.

To protect users privacy it strips sensitive data (registration info, disks serial nr, etc).


You need to access the server's console in order to execute the script.

Either ssh or telnet into the server and type the following commands:

$ cd /boot
$ curl -fsSL -o support
$ chmod +x support
$ ./support

It will prompt for your server (you can enter localhost here), the port and the root password (if you have set it, if you didn’t just press enter).

This will create a /boot/ file that you can email to the support address support address

Additional note

The sensitive data that will be removed are lines that begin with

  • regFILE=
  • regGUID=
  • regTy=
  • regTo=
  • regTm=
  • regTm2=
  • regGen=
  • flashGUID=
  • flashProduct=
  • flashVendor=

and serial ids of your disks

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