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Welcome to the cl-opencv wiki! The cl-opencv package aims to be fairly complete Common Lisp bindings to the OpenCV computer vision library.


Eventually, I hope that cl-opencv covers nearly all of the functionality of the OpenCV library. There is a lot of functionality in OpenCV (something like over 500 functions), so this may take a while. I hope that cl-opencv will run on the most popular Common Lisp implementations (sbcl, ccl, clisp, possibly more) and on Unix-like platforms (i.e. Mac OS X and Linux).

I would be happy to receive contributions. If you need something in OpenCV, please do ask. Right now cl-opencv development is driver by my Lisp/computer vision needs, but I would like it to be useful for everyone.

More Information

ForeignInterfaceIssues describes the process for implementing a function that requires glue code.