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A Django implementation of the Puppet Forge web API
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The Puppet Forge ( is a central authority for
finding and installing Puppet modules.  This package implements the first
version (v1) of the JSON web services necessary to house (or mirror) a
private, stand-alone version of the Forge.

The Puppet Forge "standard" is undocumented, and the resources here were
reverse-engineered from the behavior of the current API endpoints (which
are buried in the Puppet module tool source code).  Care is taken to
try and imitate the behavior of the Forge whenever possible.

Simplicity and ease-of-use are the goals of this package.


To have your Puppet clients (tested with 3.0) access the forge you'll
need to set the the `module_repository` setting in your Puppet configuration
file (`puppet.conf`).  For example, if running locally using Django's
built-in web server::

       module_repository = http://localhost:8000

Users may add/remove modules and authors using the admin interface at `/admin/`.
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