Sublime Text Plugin for CSS Web Colors and expanding hex codes.
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SublimeWebColors Gittip

SublimeWebColors is a plugin for the growing popular editor Sublime Text. It simply lists all CSS3 color names indigo, gold, firebrick etc and expands them to their representing hex codes; #4B0082, #FFD700, #B22222.

SublimeWebColors also appends all CSS3 color names such indigo, gold, firebrick into the query suggestions list.


This plugin is fully compatible with Sublime Text 2 and 3!


Easiest way is to install via Package Control, just search for "SublimeWebColors".

If you don't have Package Control (which you should do, it's amazing) then you can use Git. Just clone this directory to your Sublime Text /Packages directory.


Completions will only be displayed when the cursor is under a CSS scope. This is currently static, however I plan on adding a way to add scopes via a configuration file.

  • Windows: The default binding is set to ctrl+shift+u
  • Linux: The default binding is set to ctrl+shift+u
  • OSX: The default binding is set to super+shift+u

You can change these by overwriting the appropriate *.sublime-keymap

Credit is a Python library developed by James Bennett, see BitBucket for his code.