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                    vee-eye: Jody Bruchon's clone of 'vi'
         Copyright (C) 2015 by Jody Bruchon <>
        Distributed under the MIT License (see LICENSE for details)

This clone of 'vi' works with a doubly linked list of text lines. While it
may be a bad idea in certain rare circumstances, the use of individual lines
as the basic unit of data makes a lot of work in the code easier. The cursor
is the "focal point" in this vi; everything is calculated relative to the
cursor and the window. Lines longer than the terminal width are handled using
a global "line shift" that pushes the screen to the right.

I created it mainly as a challenge to learn and improve my skills in C. It is
not a very serious project, but if it is useful to you, please let me know!
I'll be happy to hear about it. :-)