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Taro is a Java framework that makes it easy to programmatically create and style Excel spreadsheets.

Taro is actually a higher-level API that sits on top of Apache POI. Apache POI does all the heavy lifting in terms of converting your spreadsheet specification into an actual, valid excel *.xlsx file. Taro gives you a very simple API that can create the spreadsheet in far fewer lines of code than using POI directly.

Taro adds these features to POI:

  • Manages Cell Styles for you so styles are easier to define and duplicate styles never get added to your workbook.
  • Provides builder pattern chaining for cell styles so extremely complicated styles can be defined in a single line of code.
  • Gives you a single setValue() method to set strings, numbers, dates, and formulas on a cell, with Taro figuring out the type for you.
  • Automatically handles resizing column widths and row heights with a single method call, including proper sizing of multi-line text cells.
  • Allows use of either cell address strings ("A1") or 0-based row/column indexes.
  • Provides methods for writing arrays of values either down a column or across a row with one line of code.
  • Set borders on cell ranges with a single call.
  • Add images to a spreadsheet.

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Why the name Taro?

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