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Experiments in webgl
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WebGL Experiments

This is a repository of experiments I have done using WebGL. You can see these in action at my WebGL Experiments GitHub page.

Conway's game of life

This is a GPGPU based rendering of Conway's game of life. It renders 3 parallel Games of Life on a 4096×2048 grid with a 3d torus topology. Each color represents a separate parallel game. If you have Google Chrome, you can zoom in on portions with the mouse wheel. If you click on a portion, you can paint the cells white and watch what new life grows out from there.

GPGPU Particle Demo

This is GPGPU based particle demo. Particles of "negligable" mass are spawned along the x axis with arbitrary velocities. There is an invisible mass in the center attracting all particles. Watch the system evolve the camera rotates around the system. All particle motions are computed on the GPU using textures to store velocity and position data.

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