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title: "Random Numbers and Seeds in R"
author: "Jason Bryer"
date: 2019-02-17
categories: ["R"]
tags: ["random numbers"]
<p>To explore how R generates randome numbers, we will use the <code>rnorm</code> function. This function draws a random number from a normal distribution with a mean = 0 and standard deviation = 1 (though these can be changed with the <code>mean</code> and <code>sd</code> parameters). With <code>n = 1</code> we will get two random numbers.</p>
<pre class="r"><code>rnorm(n = 1)</code></pre>
<pre><code>## [1] -0.1520893</code></pre>
<pre class="r"><code>rnorm(n = 1)</code></pre>
<pre><code>## [1] -0.6202317</code></pre>
<p>Each time you run the command you will get a different number. The <code>set.seed</code> function will sets a seed to the random number generator so that each subsequent run will produce the same number.</p>
<pre class="r"><code>set.seed(2112); rnorm(n = 1)</code></pre>
<pre><code>## [1] 0.9243372</code></pre>
<pre class="r"><code>set.seed(2112); rnorm(n = 1)</code></pre>
<pre><code>## [1] 0.9243372</code></pre>
<p>Setting a different seed results in a different number.</p>
<pre class="r"><code>set.seed(2113); rnorm(n = 1)</code></pre>
<pre><code>## [1] 0.5499032</code></pre>
<p><strong>What are seeds?</strong></p>
<p>Computers are actually bad at random events. However, there are good algorithms that mimic random processes. These algorithms work by starting with some initial value, a seed, and executing a complex algorithm that approximates randomozation. The seed is often set to the current time in miliseconds. To visualize the ramdom process, we will use the <code>sample</code> function to randomly select a number between 1 and 100. We will consider the ouput for the first 1,000 seeds.</p>
<pre class="r"><code>random_numbers &lt;- integer(1000)
for(i in seq_len(length(random_numbers))) {
random_numbers[i] &lt;- sample(1:100, size = 1)
ggplot(data.frame(x = 1:100, y = random_numbers),
aes(x = x, y = y)) +
geom_point() +
xlab(&#39;Seed&#39;) + ylab(&#39;Random Number&#39;)</code></pre>
<p><img src="/post/2019-02-17-random_numbers_and_seeds_files/figure-html/unnamed-chunk-4-1.png" width="672" /></p>
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