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R Package for Accessing the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System from R


The ipeds package can be downloaded from CRAN as follows:

> install.packages('ipeds')

Or, you may wish to download the latest development version from Github using the devtools package:

> devtools::install_github('jbryer/ipeds')

This package requires mdbtools. The following commands will install mdbtools on Mac:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" < /dev/null 2> /dev/null \n')
brew install mdbtools

Using the ipeds package

The vignette also has useful information for getting started:


The available_ipeds will return a data.frame indicating which databases are available for download and my have already been downloaded.

> ipeds::available_ipeds()

   year year_string final provisional downloaded download_date download_size
1  2007     2006-07  TRUE       FALSE      FALSE          <NA>          <NA>
2  2008     2007-08  TRUE       FALSE      FALSE          <NA>          <NA>
3  2009     2008-09  TRUE       FALSE      FALSE          <NA>          <NA>
4  2010     2009-10  TRUE       FALSE      FALSE          <NA>          <NA>
5  2011     2010-11  TRUE       FALSE      FALSE          <NA>          <NA>
6  2012     2011-12  TRUE       FALSE      FALSE          <NA>          <NA>
7  2013     2012-13  TRUE       FALSE       TRUE    2019-04-01         38 MB
8  2014     2013-14  TRUE       FALSE       TRUE    2019-04-01       37.6 MB
9  2015     2014-15  TRUE       FALSE       TRUE    2019-04-01       39.4 MB
10 2016     2015-16  TRUE        TRUE       TRUE    2019-04-01       48.8 MB
11 2017     2016-17  TRUE       FALSE       TRUE    2019-04-01       41.9 MB
12 2018     2017-18 FALSE        TRUE       TRUE    2019-04-01       50.7 MB
13 2019     2018-19 FALSE       FALSE      FALSE          <NA>          <NA>

The download_ipeds will download an IPEDS database for a given year.

> ipeds::download_ipeds(2018)

The load_ipeds will return a list of all the survey tables (as data.frames) for the given year.

> ipeds2018 <- ipeds::load_ipeds(2018)
> names(ipeds2018)
 [1] "ADM2017"         "C2017_A"         "C2017_B"         "C2017_C"        
 [5] "C2017DEP"        "CUSTOMCGIDS2017" "DRVAL2017"       "DRVC2017"       
 [9] "DRVEF122017"     "DRVEF2017"       "DRVF2017"        "DRVGR2017"      
[13] "DRVIC2017"       "DRVOM2017"       "EAP2017"         "EF2017"         
[17] "EF2017A"         "EF2017A_DIST"    "EF2017B"         "EF2017C"        
[21] "EF2017D"         "EFFY2017"        "EFIA2017"        "F1617_F1A"      
[25] "F1617_F2"        "F1617_F3"        "Filenames17"     "FLAGS2017"      
[29] "GR200_17"        "GR2017"          "GR2017_L2"       "HD2017"         
[33] "IC2017"          "IC2017_AY"       "IC2017_PY"       "IC2017Mission"  
[37] "S2017_IS"        "S2017_NH"        "S2017_OC"        "S2017_SIS"      
[41] "SAL2017_IS"      "sectiontable17"  "SFA1617_P1"      "SFA1617_P2"     
[45] "SFAV1617"        "Tables17"        "valuesets17"     "AL2017"         
[49] "DRVADM2017"      "DRVHR2017"       "GR2017_PELL_SSL" "OM2017"         
[53] "SAL2017_NIS"     "vartable17"

The ipeds_help function will return the data dictionary for the given year.

> View(ipeds_help(2018))

If the table parameter is specified, then the data dictionary for the given survey is returned (i.e. the variables in that table, see data(surveys) for the available survey IDs).

View(ipeds_help(table = 'HD', year = 2018))

Finally, to load a specific table, the ipeds_survey function will return a data.frame with the data.

> hd2018 <- ipeds_survey(table = 'HD', year = 2018)
> names(hd2018)
 [1] "UNITID"   "INSTNM"   "IALIAS"   "ADDR"     "CITY"     "STABBR"   "ZIP"     
 [8] "FIPS"     "OBEREG"   "CHFNM"    "CHFTITLE" "GENTELE"  "EIN"      "DUNS"    


R package for interfacing with the Integrated Postsecondary Education System (IPEDS).



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